Node 3 Sydney, Australia Downtime (round 3)

(UPDATED) Please use the IP instead of; just add your server’s port number to the end. You do NOT need to set your server to offline mode, as this is your new server IP

As you may know already, Node 3 AU is currently inaccessible again. Unfortunately, as before, we have no control over this and we are at the mercy of our Australian datacenter. We’re actively working with their team to get the node back online and accessible to everyone, but in the meantime, you may not be able to connect or join your Minecraft server(s).

We’re extremely disappointed in the handling of this situation on our datacenter’s side, thus we’re looking into moving over to a different company. We’ll keep everyone updated on the status of this issue, along with any other information that may be of use.

Current StatusOnline (with a new IP)