Node 13 Phoenix, Arizona Hardware Replacement

A maintenance to resolve this issue completely has been scheduled for next Thursday, September 5th at 12AM CDT. A new blog post will be made about this event once we get closer to that night.


We recently discovered that Node 13 AZ, a dual E5-2620 system, has a single failed processor; in order to resolve this issue, we’ve taken the node offline and are allowing our datacenter’s NOC to investigate. Once the server is back online and all servers are accessible, we will let you know.

[1:45am CDT] Update: The server was brought back online after around 2h to await further actions from the NOC.

[10:00am CDT] Update: The NOC has taken the server offline to perform the requested maintenance.

[5:25pm CDT] Update: The node is back online and all servers should be accessible again. If you were affected by this downtime, please submit a support ticket to receive compensation. We have scheduled a planned maintenance for September 5th @ 12AM CDT to replace the failed CPU. During this time, your server will be offline for up to 2 hours.