Scheduled Server Maintenance – October 5th @ 11PM CDT

If you are seeing a “FAILED TO BIND TO PORT” error in your server’s console, please submit a support ticket.

=== Updates ===

[7:22 PM CDT] Node 15 AZ has been brought back online! If you were affected by this extended downtime, please submit a ticket and our team would be glad to compensate you.

[7:00 PM CDT] Node 1 AZ is back online! If you were affected by this extended downtime, please submit a ticket and our team would be glad to compensate you. Node 15 maintenance is still underway with an expected startup within 30 minutes.

[6:50 PM CDT] Node 1 and 15 have undergone OS reinstallation and data will be recovered from our backup system. We expect to have these nodes back online within the next 1 – 2 hours, granted no other issues arise.

[12:00 PM CDT] Node 1 AZ still under goes recovery after a dual hard drive failure. Node 15 AZ was brought back online but seems to be suffering from an unknown hardware failure. We will keep investigating these issues and report back with any further information once available.

[3:45 AM CDT] Node 21 AZ has been brought back online. A hard drive replacement will be scheduled within the next 24 hours with brief downtime. Node 1 AZ has received a new hard drive and is currently rebuilding data; once complete, the second drive will be replaced and all servers started up thereafter. Node 15 AZ is down, awaiting a response from the datacenter.

[3:15 AM CDT] Node 1, 15, 21 Arizona are currently undergoing continued maintenance while we investigate possible hardware failures. All other locations and nodes have been successfully updated at this time – no further downtime is expected.

[2:45 AM CDT] Canada, Virginia, Australia, and London updates have been completed. Node 15, 21 Arizona have encountered issues during the update process and we are working to manually resolve them; minor hardware failures are a possibility. Node 1 AZ is currently awaiting HDD replacements. France updates are still in progress as well.

[1:30 AM CDT] We’ve run into some issues with Node 1 AZ. We’re in the process of completing the updates and other maintenance across our other nodes, while investigating these issues. Node 1 AZ may experience prolonged downtime while we address what may be a hardware failure; other nodes should see no more than brief downtime during the update process.


We have scheduled a maintenance for October 5th, 2013 at 11PM CDT. This maintenance will incur a short amount of downtime while we update our system software, and improve upon our early failed-hardware detection.

The following services will be affected:
* Minecraft – Phoenix, Arizona
* Minecraft – Ashburn, Virginia
* Minecraft – London, UK
* Minecraft – Roubaix, France
* Minecraft – Quebec, Canada
* Minecraft – Sydney, Australia

In addition, the Multicraft panel corresponding to your location may become unavailable for up to 2 hours while these updates are taking place.

The downtime is estimated to be between 15 minutes and 120 minutes (2 hours).
As always, unless unforeseen issues appear during the upgrade/update process, we will try our best to remain to this time frame.

Thank you for your patience.