Billing Area Maintenance

WHMCS has released a patch for this security exploit and we are now back online.

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After discovering a major security exploit in out billing software – WHMCS – we have decided to completely shut down our billing area and remove it from the publicly accessible Internet. Thousands of WHMCS users are affected by this vulnerability, including nearly every Minecraft server host. If you are running WHMCS, shut it down immediately; maintenance mode may not be enough, we suggest moving it to a completely private directory on your server. This post will be updated with more information as it becomes available.

The following services are unavailable: Billing area (new orders, invoices, support tickets, service list, etc.)

Your Minecraft server will continue to run smoothly and no Multicraft control panels are affected. No cPanel control panels (web hosting) are affected. No TCAdmin control panels (voice servers) are affected.

If you need support for any CubedHost service, please contact us on live chat.