France Multicraft Inaccessibility

It appears our France Multicraft is getting hit with a DDoS, large enough to mess with our virtualization software. Generally, this is a bad idea, and should’ve been replaced a long time ago, but we had not gotten to it yet due to many other projects being worked on.

We are currently working to get a new Multicraft panel online for the France location while this DDoS is ongoing.

As we receive and setup a new box for the panel, we will update this posting.

Update: We’ve received the new box, and we’re setting up the HTTP software on it.

Update 2: We’ll be adding another IP to this box in order to prevent Hamachi conflicts, however the panel will now be accessible from

Update 3: New IP assigned, DNS record changed. The Multicraft link for France should be working in the next 5-10 minutes.