Phoenix Maintenance Updates: June 13th – 16th 2014

All maintenance in Phoenix has been completed at this time.

This post will serve to provide rapid updates regarding any possible downtime for Phoenix-based CubedHost or US-based CraftYourBox customers, from June 13th – June 16th. For more information on this maintenance, please click here.


June 16th – 5:00 MST / 12:00 UTC: Switch upgrades and configuration changes have been completed at this time. Our Phoenix public network has been fully migrated to a new switch. Backend network adjustments will continue throughout the day. No major downtime is expected beyond this point.

June 16th – 3:15 MST / 10:15 UTC: We’re currently performing switch configuration changes which may take around 15 – 30 minutes to fully complete. During this time, service may be inaccessible.

June 16th – 2:45 MST / 9:45 UTC: We are continuing work on swapping affected nodes over to a new switch. Minimal downtime should be expected, for around 2-3 minutes on each node.

June 15th – 12:00 MST / 19:00 UTC: The team will be performing a quick network swap over to a new switch. This will affect a portion of CubedHost Minecraft servers and dedicated servers in Phoenix, AZ. We anticipate downtime of no more than 2-3 minutes. No servers will be restarted during this process.

June 14th – 16:30 MST: All CraftYourBox US nodes online excluding node 30. Upon rebooting the system, the team discovered a hardware failure. We’re working toward a resolution now. This affects only a very small portion of customers.

June 14th – 15:20 MST: CraftYourBox nodes 2 – 9 are back online.

June 14th – 15:00 MST: CraftYourBox US nodes 2 – 25 will be shut down momentarily for a brief hardware swap. We anticipate downtime of no more than 30 minutes.

June 14th – 14:00 MST: All CraftYourBox servers are  back online.

June 14th – 11:00 MST: Routing issues have been resolved and the majority of CraftYourBox US servers should be online again. We’re still investigating routing issues on two nodes.

June 14th – 2:30 MST: We’re continuing to work with our provider to resolve the routing issues affecting some CraftYourBox US servers. This does not affect CubedHost customers.

June 14th – 1:00 MST: CraftYourBox hardware has been migrated. We’re working with our provider to resolve an IP address routing issue preventing servers from coming online.

June 13th – 22:00 MST: CraftYourBox server migrations have begun. CYB nodes will be shut down and brought back online in phases. Our goal is to keep overall downtime to no more than 1 hour.

June 13th – 16:30 MST: Hardware swaps on CraftYourBox nodes 4 and 25 have been completed. Customers on node 25 have been relocated to node 4.

June 13th – 15:30 MST: We have begun swapping out hardware on CraftYourBox nodes 4 and 25.