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Windows 10 Edition support in Genisys (MCPE)


Hi everyone!

We’ve been excitedly watching the progress made by the iTX Technologies team on Genisys – a fork of PocketMine-MP with tons of awesome improvements. Just a couple days ago, a huge update with proper support for Minecraft Windows 10 Edition was released. This update has already been pulled into our system and is available on all MCPE servers today. Check out the details below and read more about the changes here.

Major Features and Bug Fixes

  • Crafting
  • Inventory anti-cheat (preventsĀ item duping)
  • Press Q to drop items one at a time
  • Left-click-drag
  • Hotbar now works properly on both PE and Win10.
  • Anvils closing immediately when used is fixed.
  • Inventory bugs fixed.
  • Held item sending
  • Armor vanishing bug fixed.
  • Creative mode bugs fixed.
  • Items no longer reappear in your inventory when being move to a chest.

How can I get this on my MCPE server?

All you have to do is select the “Genisys: MCPE 0.15.4 (Latest | API 2.0 | PHP7)” server type in your control panel, save, and restart your server. This server type will automatically update as the Genisys team pushes out new features and fixes, just restart your server to obtain the latest update.

Need help?

If you need any help getting this working on your server, justĀ get in touch with our support team!



– The CubedHost Team

Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.12

Hi everyone!

We’ve started getting a lot of questions about adding support for Pocket Edition version 0.12.X. Our MCPE servers run on the PocketMine server software which is currently being developed for 0.12.X. There are some early bleeding edge versions, but we won’t be deploying these to our MCPE platform as they haven’t been tested. Once PocketMine promotes a new development build that’s compatible with MCPE 0.12, we’ll get it added to the control panel right away.

Until that time, you won’t be able to join your server if you’ve updated your game to 0.12; therefore, we recommend that you stay on 0.10 or 0.11.

Experimental versions of MCPE 0.12 have been added to the control panel, but we still recommend sticking with 0.11 as these most definitely have bugs.

We’ll keep this post updated so check back to see the latest status on MCPE v0.12.

– The CubedHost Team