Unexpected Downtime on Node 12 Arizona

Right now we’re investigating an unexpected downtime on Node 12 in Phoenix, AZ, USA. We’ll keep you posted with updates as soon as we have more information. Check back here often for the latest news.

Update @ 4:03 UTC: The server seems to be online for the time being. Intermittent latency and disconnects are a possibility while we investigate what caused this.

Update @ 3:44 UTC: It appears to be an intermittent networking problem – possibly a DDoS. At this time, the server is accessible, but further downtime may be possible.

Unexpected UK Downtime (Node 2 London)

We’re currently experiencing some downtime on Node 2 (London, UK). If you’re currently affected, please do not submit a support ticket as we’re working to get the issue resolved.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Update @ 22:35 UTC: The issue was determined to only be affecting users without dedicated IP addresses, and was caused by a routing issue within the datacenter. At this time, everything has been resolved. If you’re still having connection issues, please submit a support ticket and we’ll check it out.

Our New IRC Network

All throughout our history, we’ve used IRC for fun and socializing with friends and colleagues – now we’re bringing it to CubedHost. Connect to either of the Nexus IRC servers below and hop in one of our channels. You’re free to create new channels as you wish and use the network all you want. We expect some growth in first few weeks as we start getting it out there and used more, so pardon any connection issues.



If you’re looking for a chat, you’ll find us in #CubedHost – just pop in and drop us a message. If you’re looking for quick support, try our #CubedHost-Support channel. Have your ticket ID ready and just give us a description of your problem.

Click here to join us!