Phoenix Network and Hardware Maintenance – Sunday, Feb. 23rd, 2014 @ 2AM CST

The maintenance has been completed successfully at this time.

We will be performing a network maintenance / hardware swap on Sunday, February 23rd, 2014 at 1AM MST.
The maintenance is expected to last a maximum of 4 hours, with the exception of any unforeseen circumstances.

The following nodes and IP addresses will be affected:
– phx17 – Upgrade from E3-1270v2 to E3-1240v3
– phx18 – Upgrade from E3-1270v2 to E3-1240v3
– phx19 – Upgrade from E3-1270v2 to E3-1240v3
– phx20 – Upgrade from E3-1270v2 to E3-1240v3
– phx25
– phx29
– phx31

If you’re unsure what node you’re on, the following IP ranges will be affected:

The following IP ranges may encounter some brief outages lasting 5 – 15 minutes:

As always, we will try to keep the maintenances down to a minimum timeframe to keep your service online as long as possible.
If you notice extended downtime during/after this period, feel free to drop a request by our support department.

Thank you for your patience while we continue the expansion of our network and upgrading/improving our services.

CubedHost, LLC

Node 2 Montreal Emergency Maintenance

Hello all,

Node 2 Montreal is back online at this time.

We’re sorry to report that Node 2 Montreal appears to have a critical hard drive failure resulting in possible data loss. We’ve taken the system offline to prevent further damage and have dispatched a team at the datacenter to replace the affected drive. We will make every attempt to restore the drive array without any data loss. However, data will most likely need to be restored from our nightly backup which was taken this morning at 12am CST (GMT-6).

We do apologize for any inconvenience this causes and fully understand that this is not the level of quality service that you expect from CubedHost. If you believe this is/has significantly impacted you, please reach out to us via support ticket and we would be more than happy to compensate you appropriately.

Thank you

Web Server Migration: Feedback Needed

Since the inception of CubedHost, we have used a single web server based in Phoenix to serve our primary website, billing area, and Phoenix Multicraft control panel. In late December of 2013, we added OVH’s CDN on top of this in order to decrease page load times by caching static content and providing POPs (endpoints) closer to customers. This helped immensely but we wanted to take it a step further.

During the early morning of Feb 11th, our team performed a much needed full migration of our primary web server and database. We moved from a single nginx + PHP web server to a HAProxy-based infrastructure. HAProxy allows us to serve web requests from a single or small number of proxies (and thus IPs) while forwarding these requests to a large number of individual “worker” boxes running nginx + PHP. As of right now, the CubedHost website is operating off of 11 dedicated worker instances. On top of this infrastructure, we have kept our OVH CDN setup for caching. This infrastructure is located in Virginia, while our Phoenix Multicraft panel has been kept in Phoenix.

With this increased distribution of workload, we’re aiming to continually decrease page load times, increase availability, minimize downtime and timeouts from international visitors, and provide redundancy in the event of some form of failure. As such, we’re looking for feedback from our visitors and customers. Please let us know how the new setup works for you – have you noticed an improvement in page load time on our website lately?

Please send all feedback to [email protected], be it positive or negative. Anyone who provides us with feedback will receive 5% off their next month on any Minecraft, voice, or web service.

Thank you!

Web Hosting Service Downtime

This does not affect any Minecraft, dedicated, or voice servers.

Earlier today CubedHost was hit with a 19.3 Gbps DDoS attack aimed at an account on our cPanel web hosting node, specifically on IP This IP has been blocked at the datacenter level in order to prevent network disruption for other services and customers. As such, all websites have been migrated to Service has been restored at this time, but because this involved a DNS record change you may not be able to access your website immediately.

Please try the following steps.

We do apologize for any inconvenience this downtime might cause.

CubedHost + Technic: Fueling the launch of AotBT

Hello all!

Technic‘s latest and heavily anticipated modpack – Attack of the B-Team – was released today. Our team at CubedHost has always been eager to keep our service up-to-date with the latest packs and mods, so we naturally stocked our control panel with v1.0.1. However, when release came around and v1.0.2 was out, Technic’s poor download server had some trouble handling all of these requests. Here’s where we come in. CubedHost picked up the excess traffic via Round Robin DNS — a whole 900 Mbps of it within seconds. We’re still working on adding additional resources to keep speeds steady and fast. In the meantime, here are some awesome graphs from a few hours ago. Enjoy!

Update: It is now Thursday (Feb 6th) and the traffic keeps coming! At one point we were pushing over 3 Gbps. Here are some new bandwidth graphs.

Bandwidth - CubedHost Mirror #1
Bandwidth – CubedHost Mirror #1
Bandwidth - CubedHost Mirror #2
Bandwidth – CubedHost Mirror #2
HAProxy - CubedHost Mirror #1
HAProxy – CubedHost Mirror #1
HAProxy - CubedHost Mirror #2
HAProxy – CubedHost Mirror #2