Minecraft 1.8 and the future of Bukkit

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The past week has proven to be one of the most important periods of change in the history of Minecraft. If you aren’t already aware, the Bukkit, Spigot, and Cauldron teams received DMCA notices, forcing them to stop serving downloads. As of now, CraftBukkit’s download links have been taken down for all versions – old and new. Spigot and Cauldron (aka MCPC+) were also forced to remove their public download links,  essentially preventing tens of thousands of people from updating or starting a server. The reason behind the notices and whether they were justified or not is beyond the scope of this article. Instead of dwelling on what has already happened and cannot be changed, let’s look forward to what might come of these events.

See the official response from Mojang here, response from Spigot here, and Cauldron here.

Enter Sponge

Sponge and the SpongeAPI are a new platform for running a Minecraft server. Sponge aims to provide a Bukkit/Spout-like API for plugin developers on top of Forge. By doing so, they hope to maintain compatibility with Forge mods and make it easy for Bukkit developers to port their existing plugins over to Sponge. Sponge itself is being led by a number of important and experienced figures in the Minecraft modding and development community, such as sk89q of WorldEdit, Zidane of Spout, AbrarSyed of MinecraftForge, and countless others. Sponge is a promising new project and our best opportunity to move forward from Bukkit, improving on existing developments and leading to a better future for Minecraft servers. Sponge is not ready for use yet, but their team is working hard to make it available as soon as possible.You can check out the project on their website, as well as the SpongePowered GitHub page.

What do I do in the meantime?

Since Sponge is not ready for use yet and you undoubtedly want to continue keeping your server open to your players, the question becomes – how can you keep your Bukkit server open and support Minecraft 1.8? There’s no official Bukkit version for 1.8 yet, however, you can use the latest versions of Spigot to allow both 1.7 and 1.8 clients to connect to your server. This means that 1.8 features won’t work, but your loyal players will still be able to join your server and your existing Bukkit plugins will continue working. Switching to Spigot 1.8 is very easy – just check out our previous post’s instructions.

Will you keep up with Spigot’s new binary patch system?

Yes, and the latest updates are already available under the “Spigot (Latest)” option in Multicraft! We’ve already built the new update system into our backend to allow us to provide timely and automatic updates for Spigot. This means that you’ll have access to the latest version of Spigot within an hour of its release.

What about Cauldron and 1.8?

Unfortunately, the Cauldron project has been discontinued for good. Forge will continue development through Minecraft 1.8, but the last version of Cauldron will be for 1.7.10. Furthermore, Cauldron downloads are not available anymore due to the fact that it contains code from Spigot (and Bukkit). The team here at CubedHost will work to add Forge alternatives to Multicraft in the coming days, and we’ll ensure that Forge 1.8 is available immediately after release. Once Sponge is ready for use, it should be a viable replacement for Cauldron; however, it’s very likely that existing Bukkit plugins will not work with Sponge.


If you have any questions there weren’t answered here or just want to get in touch this us, please feel free to submit a support ticket. Our team works 24/7/365 to ensure that your Minecraft server stays online and running smoothly. If there’s ever anything we can do for you, just ask!


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Minecraft 1.8 – The Bountiful Update

Hello all!

As most of you are aware, Minecraft version 1.8 has been released. This is very exciting news and I’m sure you’re eager to get your server updated. Here at CubedHost, we’ve done everything we can to make that process as easy as possible.

Our completely automated system has been working behind the scenes to keep you up-to-date on snapshots and pre-releases over the past few months, and now 1.8 was made available just minutes after its release. While this version has been available for a few hours already, you will need to take some steps to ensure that your server is updated and running the latest version. We’ll outline a couple different methods you can use to update your server below.

Method #1 – The CubedHost Automatic Updater

Unique to CubedHost, our automatic updater allows you to easily stay up-to-date on the latest versions of jars and modpacks. The update process takes place each time you restart your server, only updating the server if a newer version is available. To enable this feature, check out our guide here. Once enabled, make sure that you have the “Minecraft (Vanilla – Latest)” option selected next to “Server Type” in Multicraft, then hit Save (at the bottom) and restart your server. After that, you’re all set! Join your server with 1.8 and enjoy!

Method #2 – Manually selecting Minecraft 1.8

This option is less common but works just as well, and is especially useful if you don’t want to use automatic updates or just want to update this one time. In order to update manually, all you need to do is select “Minecraft 1.8” from the dropdown list next to “Server Type”, hit Save (at the bottom), then restart your server. It’s that simple!

Method #3 – Refreshing your vanilla Minecraft JAR file

This option is similar to #2 but allows you continue using the “Latest” vanilla selection in Multicraft, without enabling automatic updates. All you need to do is login to your server’s FTP, navigate to the “jar” folder, select the “minecraft_server.jar” file and delete it. Then return and ensure that your server is set to use “Minecraft (Vanilla – Latest)”, hit Save (at the bottom), and finally restart your server. You should be all set now!

I’m using CraftBukkit / Spigot – how do I let players join with 1.8?

The easiest solution is to switch to our “Spigot (Latest)” option and enable automatic updates, then restart your server. The latest versions of Spigot are compatible with both 1.7 and 1.8 clients, as well as 1.7 Bukkit plugins. Note that 1.8 features will not work, but players can still join.

If you’re using Spigot or BungeeCord, we highly recommend enabling automatic updates as both of these options are updated hourly and already support Minecraft 1.8 as of this weekend. If you would rather leave automatic updates disabled but want to update your Spigot/BungeeCord server to 1.8, try option #3 with the “spigot.jar”/”bungeecord.jar” file instead.

If you run into any issues with any of the steps listed above, please feel free to reach out to our support team via support ticket or live chat.

Have a great day and enjoy!

The CubedHost Team